Information Security Policy

Serverworks Co., Ltd. runs businesses using cloud-computing at the office to realize our vision of spreading cloud-computing in the society, and at the same time, in order to achieve high credibility required by the society, will establish necessary information management system. By doing so, we will ensure high company ethics based on legal compliance and high safety and credibility as an information service business operator.

Action Guideline

To implement our information security management, Information Security Committee to be headed by our executive officer shall be set up. The Committee will consist of members chosen by each department as persons in charge of information security progress and communicate and coordinate with relevant department.

We acknowledge the importance of securing confidentiality, completeness and usability regarding all the information assets we own, implement risk assessment continuously, and endeavor to protect information assets appropriately

Officers and employees of the Company will comply with our internal rules stipulated in accordance with laws concerning information security measures, requirements for business operation and other rules

Officers and employees of the Company will implement education and training regarding necessary information security and have each one of us acknowledge the importance of information security activities, thereby raise our awareness.

We will implement internal audits regarding information security on a regular basis; take appropriate correction measures as necessary; suppress the interruption of our business due to accidental disasters, impairment and negligence, and intentional misuse of information assets, etc. to the lowest degree possible; and secure continuation of our business.

If officers and employees of the Company infringe upon the Company's internal rules relevant to information security with intention or gross negligence, or if they do not comply with laws, regulations, etc. concerning information security, punitive measures will be taken against them.

April 1, 2012
Ryo Oishi,
President and Representative Director,
Serverworks Co., Ltd.